Our History


The Beginning
Charlie Foley and his wife Ellen returned from Liverpool to their native county Kerry. On November 13th that year together they purchased 101 New Street from the estate of Lord Kenmare, here both embarked upon an adventure that to this day still proudly bears the Foley name and in the very same location.
Ireland of 1896 was a place of political and social turmoil, rebellion from the old order, growth in industry and expansion of tourism and communications. This was the birth of what became known as Foleys of New Street. Into to this world they brought their family


New Beginnings
Charlie begun a new chapter at 101 New Street, Charlie stepped into his father’s shoes as master of the house. Having married Noreen Lyne of the famous Kerry footballing family, together they continued the operation of the public house and grocery and raised their own young family.
These times were of an infant country, fresh from the troubles of 1916, the civil war, birth of a new republic, a third generation of Foleys began their lives in 101 New Street.


Dark Times
Tragedy struck the family with the sudden death of Charles eldest son of Charlie & Noreen. Eileen their next eldest child returned from nursing in Cork to help with the running of the family business. Eileen went on to marry Colm Foley from Killorglin. The birth of their first born coincided with a change of direction for Foleys.
The old ways of combining grocery with public house was coming to an end and Foleys lead the change. Charlie, Eileen’s father passed away in 1984, together along with rearing a young family they moved with the times and brought 101 New Street forward to cater for a growing Killarney town and more discerning customer.
Unfortunately Colm, Eileen’s husband passed away tragically in 2003 together with a young family she kept the doors of Charlie Foleys open to the public.


The New Generation
It is the time of today’s generation of Foleys to make their mark, to continue the great tradition started in 1896 by Charlie and Ellen Foley. Over 120 years later Colm Foley took on the challenge that was begun by his great grandparents, continued seamlessly through to the generations of today.
Foleys continues to open its doors and serve the needs of both locals and tourists of Killarney. We proudly boast of being Killarney’s oldest family run public house since 1896, continuing to provide a fresh product to a continually growing and forever evolving Ireland.

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